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2014 Summer Camp #2
Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Event Description To any Scouts who aren't planning to attend summer camp with the troop at Gerber, or those who are just starting out and would like to stay closer to home, or even those who want to attend both, you are welcome to join us for a week at Camp Birch. They offer 50 Merit Badges in 12 different program areas. They also offer High C.O.P.E. (a ropes course 40 feet in the air!), Aquatics, Lake Front, Handicraft, Nature Ecology, Shooting Sports, M.R.T., Tecumseh Island, and our Tech Center...just to name a few!

2014 Camp Birch Summer Camp Flyer
Date and Time Sunday, June 22, 2014 to Saturday, June 28, 2014
Parents will drop off their Scouts at Camp Birch at 1pm on Sunday, June 22nd and pick them up at Camp Birch at 10am on Saturday, June 28th.
Location Camp Hugh Taylor Birch
4057 Swimming Pool Road
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

Use this Google Maps gadget to get directions.
  • $230 per Scout Camper Super Troop if paid in full by the Early Bird deadline of May 3, 2014.
  • $270 per Scout Camper Regular if paid after May 3, 2014
  • $230 per Scout Camper Additional from Same Family
  • $135 per Scout Camper Second Week of Camp
  • $100 High A.C.E.S. non-refundable deposit (must be paid-in-full by May 3, 2014)
  • $395 High A.C.E.S. pay-in-full
  • Please note, some Merit Badges and activities may require additional fees.
You can decide how to want to break up your payments to the troop, but the full $230 is due to the troop NLT Tuesday, April 29th to get that price. Any payments not made by this date will require an extra $50 payment to process the registration form.

Please give all payments to the Troop 71 Treasurer, Stan Leszczuk.

If everyone attending camp pays in full before April 29th, I will turn in the registration forms earlier.

Activity Leader Marie Dabbs,
Required Items 2014 Camp Birch Scout Registration Form
Annual Health and Medical Form
2014 Camp Birch Merit Badge Schedule
2014 Camp Birch Daily Schedule
Camp Birch Map
Troop 71 Camping Checklist

Camp Leaders:
We need at least two brave adults to spend a fun-filled week with our Scouts out at Birch. There are great program activities designed specifically for adults who attend. You know you want to! Registration:
Please complete the Scout Registration Form, and parts A, B, and C of the Annual Health and Medical Form. Please note that the Scout's medical examination needs to be current and not expire before June 28th. Turn these forms in to Marie Dabbs at the Tuesday parent meetings as soon as you complete them, but no later than Tuesday, April 29th.

Please note: There are no online registrations this year.