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2014 Summer Camp
Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Event Description This is a highlight in every Scouts year. Summer camp is a week-long event during which scouts work on various scout-related activities and requirements.  Examples include advancement requirements, merit badges, and their Totin' Chit.  Parents usually get to visit mid-week.

First-year Boy Scouts are highly encouraged to attend the first summer camp after crossing over from Cub Scouts.  This reinforces the new bond they've made with Troop 71.

The Troop selects a location and reservations are made. The camp site provides a schedule of available classes -- advancement, merit badge, etc. The Scouts fill out individual registration forms. They choose the classes they’d like to attend and, if it is for a merit badge, fill out a "blue card." several alternatives. Troop leaders screen these selections to ensure the Scouts have all the prerequisite training for the classes they chose.

2014 Summer Camp Flyer
Date and Time  Sunday, 20 July 2014 to Saturday, 26 July 2014
- Campers will depart Scout Hut on Saturday, 19 July 2014
- Return to Scout Hut on Sunday, 26 July 2014

Gerber Scout Reservation, Twin Lake, MI.

Use this Google Maps gadget to get directions.

  • Summer Camp 2014 program cost is estimated to be $400 per Scout. Cost for adult is TBD as of 29 Oct 2013.
  • Some activities and Merit Badges incur additional costs
  • Payment schedule:
    • First Payment (Registration):  $75 by 19 Nov 2013
    • Second Payment:  $75 by 17 Dec 2013
    • Third Payment:  $50 by 14 Jan 2014
    • Fourth Payment:  $50 by 11 Feb 2014
    • Fifth Payment:  $50 by 11 Mar 2014
    • Sixth Payment:  $50 by 15 Apr 2014
    • Seventh Payment:  $50 by 13 May 2014
  • New Scouts and Late Registration:  $150 by 11 Mar 2014; Balance by 13 May 2014 (remaining balance includes any additional costs for activities and merit badges)
  • Additional Costs: TBD
Activity Leader Heather Gallup  click here to send message
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